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A Guide to Pelvic Physiotherapy – What Is It & What Should I Look For?

Meditation for Chronic Stress & Illness - Sitting With the Situation

Part 1 | When Chronic Pain Gets a Name – An Unlikely Diagnosis Solves a Decade-Long Mystery

Free Meditation in Support of #ForTheHerd Horses

Part 3 | The Surgery Prep & Recovery Strategies that Changed It All

Part 2 | The Torpedoes of Hormone Therapy – When Medical Menopause is the First Line of Defence

Courtney Steele
Physiotherapist, Clinic Director
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Ashlee Linteau
Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor
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Jennifer Parsons
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
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Kelly Mackin
Mind Management Expert and Coach, Meditation Teacher, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner
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Maya Chendke
Founder, Meditation Teacher, Freelance Writer
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Mike Davenport
Physiotherapist & Trainer
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