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No Granola Wellness is forged from more than a decade of resilience in the face of chronic illness – as a patient and a support person.

We are a patient advocacy platform devoted to providing practical strategies and stories to help you reclaim your voice and keep fighting.


Adventures in Healthcare: Better Patient Advocacy

Chronic illness patients often report feeling stressed and unheard. Pain and discomfort might even start to seem like the norm – a way of life to accept, a fight that’s too much to keep up with.

But you are not alone.
And better yet – we know what you’re going through.

No Granola shares what we’ve learned from navigating the healthcare system as patients, practitioners, and partners. Our hope is to save you even a little bit of time, frustration, or heartache in the fight against chronic illness – to turn what we know into something that can help others walking similar paths.

We’re not here for fads or woo-woo.

We’re not here to peddle sketchy products or pyramid schemes. Seriously – no one has time or money for that.

Instead, we pledge to fight to redefine patient advocacy to try run the gauntlet of the healthcare system more effectively. These words and people are here to remind you that you deserve the best health you can get. To help you reclaim your voice.

We exist to share tried and tested strategies that helped (or didn’t) and to call bullshit on wellness myths and gimmicks. We love discovering and testing products in the healthy living universe, but we will never endorse anything we wouldn’t actually use.

Remember – there is no perfect fix. Some things may work for you; other people may find another way. Take what you need to continue your pursuit of better. In a word – resilience.

About No Granola’s Founder

Maya is the founder and wellness architect of No Granola Wellness. She works as a freelance writer and meditation teacher (specializing in chronic conditions) based in Toronto, Canada.

From Silent Rage to Patient Advocacy

For over a decade, Maya fought against an undiagnosed chronic condition using sheer willpower and brute force, pushing herself to points of exhaustion and disbelief.

She saw gastroenterologists (four of them), an allergist, an endocrinologist, physiotherapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, chiropractors, a sports medicine doctor, an athletic therapist, a dermatologist, an osteopath, naturopaths, a Chinese medicine practitioner, Reiki healers, and — yes — even a psychic medium.

Years spent treating symptoms (not a cause). Years spent flushing money, time, and hope down the toilet.

Until a grapefruit changed it all and solved the unsolvable mystery.

Three diagnoses and two surgeries later, Maya channelled her silent rage with the healthcare system into No Granola Wellness, an advocacy platform for fellow women’s health and chronic illness warriors. The more she began talking about her journey, the more she understood the universal struggle for better patient advocacy.

A Data-Driven Approach to Health

Maya is dedicated to sharing a healthily skeptical point of view about the wellness industry to try help others save time, money, and frustration. Leaning on her background as an analyst and critical thinker, she uses the power of data to motivate fellow patients to test and refine their strategies.

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