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Ashlee Linteau

Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor at Inspire Health & Fitness

Personal Training, Pilates, Exercise Rehabilitation, Pre and Postnatal Exercise

Ashlee Linteau has more than 10 years of experience in personal training and Pilates instruction with Toronto-area clientele. She has established a large and diverse clientele through Inspire Health and Fitness, a home-based gym in north Toronto which she co-owns with her husband, Mike Davenport.

Ashlee’s passion has always been in health and fitness ever since she first stepped into a gym while studying Art Restoration at Ryerson University. Upon graduating Ashlee pursued a career in fitness and personal training and has never looked back. Gaining early recognition as an energetic, knowledgeable and passionate personal trainer, she quickly established a large and loyal clientele working at the local gym.

Ashlee not only inspires her clients to achieve their goals, she is just as determined at pushing herself. In 2015, Ashlee achieved a big goal when she opened Inspire Health and Fitness, a fully equipped personal training, Pilates and Physiotherapy studio.

Ashlee gave birth to her first baby boy in May 2017 and her second boy in June 2019 and lives in Toronto with her husband Mike, a personal trainer and physiotherapist. Together, Ashlee and Mike run Inspire Health and Fitness, a north Toronto based multi-disciplinary health centre which focuses on movement as medicine both for the body and the mind.