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Maya Chendke

Founder, Meditation Teacher, Freelance Writer at No Granola Wellness

Data & Analytics, Meditation

Maya Chendke is the founder and patient advocate behind No Granola Wellness. After living with chronic pain for 10+ years, she stumbled upon a diagnosis she could never have fathomed thanks to a very dedicated ultrasound tech and an open-minded ER doctor. (It only took a few dozen emerg visits and specialists of all shapes and colours to get to this point).

She channeled her frustration and silent rage with the healthcare system into No Granola in an effort to distill tips and knowledge in service of others also navigating how to advocate for better health.

Maya has been a writer for 15+ years, with work ranging from celebrity profiles to a 500-page novel. She has built a reputation for blending creativity with analytical thinking and offers a uniquely data-driven approach to healthcare thanks to her past life as an analyst (ironically, in the pharmaceutical marketing industry).

If you’re looking for a Cristina Yang to your Meredith Grey (or Izzie, or Karev, or O’Malley…), Maya is your gal. She’s a dedicated problem solver who is solution-focused and a pro at kicking butts out of bed. She offers herself as a meditation teacher and peer support partner to patients who need strength and compassion.

Fun Facts

Maya is an avid equestrian and can be found spending time with her rescue animals (horse and cat). She loves cheeseburgers.


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