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“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

— William James
What Folks are Saying

Flare Up Calmed Down Even On Zoom

Since the pandemic started, I haven’t been able to do my usual self-care routine of physio/massage/yoga and so on. I started to feel really overwhelmed and isolated, but I spent 15 minutes with Maya on Zoom and she helped me reset my state of mind during an anxiety-filled flare. She knew exactly what I was feeling without having to explain it and I’m very grateful for that.

What Folks are Saying

It’s Not That Hard for a Newbie

Those dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or – simply put – being “frustrated” have no idea how mind blowing meditation can be. For any newbie (like me), meditation would sound like a damn hard thing to do specially in a fast paced life.

Maya, however, easily showed me that MEDITATION IS NOT ACTUALLY THAT HARD. She was patient and mindful of what a newbie may feel while trying meditation for the first time. She made sure that every individual in our group class was comfortable and understood the process – not just running towards a result.

The journey of meditation can itself be frustrating in the beginning but if it’s with Maya, it won’t be.

VR Toronto
What Folks are Saying

Meditating Through a Pandemic

I decided to try meditation to get rid of stress from overwhelm at work – which feels like it’s really increased post-COVID. Meditation was a mental re-calibration and helped me to feel very relaxed after. Maya is a soothing and peaceful teacher and I feel like I can use meditation to access thoughts in my brain – and help me to focus on what’s actually important.

PG Toronto
What Folks are Saying

Prepared for Stressful Situations

I tried meditation to help with stress, anxiety, and to better control my reactions. I also was seeking more creativity. I found my sessions with Maya to be calming and relaxing and her style is business-friendly and chill. I feel like meditation will help me have more control over life my decisions and stress levels.

JP Toronto

About Your Accountability Buddy, Maya Chendke

I started my relationship with meditation ten years ago as a textbook “crisis meditator.” When anxiety and stress shot up, I sat down. I would get grounded enough to stop the room from spinning only to inevitably fall off the meditation wagon… until the next crisis bubbled up.

As a classic Type A, perfectionist-workaholic, it wasn’t easy to learn to slow down and take a breath. But a chronic illness diagnosis became the reckoning I needed to take the time to care for myself by learning to tame stress.

Learning how to meditate changed my life because I could handle more – and better. From meditating my way through building a freelance career to waiting in doctor’s offices to sitting in MRI machines, I experienced first-hand changes to physical, emotional, and mental health. I became so passionate about it, I started teaching it!

About the Club

The No Granola Meditation Club is a great start for beginners wanting to get started with meditation or those trying to build the discipline of sitting daily. My approach to meditation focuses on breathing and awareness and doesn’t get into New Age-y territory (I named the site “no granola,” after all). Although crystals and chakras are cool, they’re not in the No Granola style. If you’d like to work with someone with that type of approach, I’d be happy to recommend folks in my network of teachers.
See you soon!