T-Langhans Liquid Castile Soap

Product: T-Langhans Liquid Castile Soap – House Blend

How I Got It: Bought it

Have you ever smelled something so glorious it stopped you in your tracks?

That’s what the smell of Tova Langhan’s mastermind essential oil blend does to me.

Scent Memory

I first smelled (and used) T-Langhans products at a restaurant, and I did an instant double-take. This was no generic wholesale soap (and definitely not that creepy bright pink stuff you see in dispensers at the mall). Something about the scent was instantly comforting.

Fast forward a year or two and I’m browsing the booths at a yoga exhibition. I walk past an aisle, and the waft of something instantly familiar hits my nostrils and puts me on autopilot. I beelined it up to founder Tova Langhans at her booth and proclaimed, “I know this smell!”

Thankfully, she didn’t look at me like I was utterly ridiculous. I feel like she must get this a lot.

Queen of Soaps

Meeting artisans who are so passionate about their craft is one of my favourite things in the world. To get to hear their stories and pick their brains about ingredients and formulations and what “clean” and “natural” really mean to them. Understanding Tova’s trade-offs in choosing extra virgin olive oil over, say, coconut oil was something I appreciated learning about (the latter being less expensive and used to generate suds).


The packaging of T-Langhan’s liquid castile soap screams artisanal – thick, sturdy, dark green olive oil bottles with accompanying pumps. They’re hearty and intended to be refilled – I dare you not to.


Although T-Langhans products come in various different scents, the brand has a signature house blend scent that is just mind-blowingly fantastic to me. The best way I can describe is this: smooth, grounded, a perk of spicy citrus with calming depth. All their products are scented with essential oils (not fragrance oils), which is an important distinction if you are mindful of the ingredients in your personal care products.

Sensation & Results

The consistency of this liquid castile soap is sumptuous and generous – you don’t need a lot. It feels almost like thick honey when it’s in your hands. After washing, the scent pleasantly remains but at a much-reduced intensity. Your hands, however, will feel the suppleness from the EVOO for hours to come (very nice if you’re over-washing your hands, say, in pandemic times). 

Price & Verdict

This is definitely not a garden variety soap, but it may just be the perfect detail to make your bathroom a haven. At $30 (CAD) per 250 ml bottle, it’s a slice of luxury that I would totally indulge myself in. Put it in your guest bathroom and I guarantee that you’re going to get asked about it.

Ingredients List

  • Distilled Water
  • Moisturizers – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beet Sugar Extract
  • Lye – KOH & NAOH (Necessary to turn the olive oil into soap. With proper formulation, zero lye is left over in the finished product)
  • Thickener – Sea salt
  • Essential Oil Blend – proprietary scents and therapeutic uses

Available at: T-Langhans

This product review was written independently. T-Langhans did not sponsor or pay for coverage or promotion of its products.

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