Fillable & Printable Anatomy of a Great Doctor’s Appointment Checklist


This doctor’s appointment will self-destruct in less than 10 minutes.

Prepare yourself for your next consultation or ER visit with a handy, fillable and printable checklist that helps to organize you for your next appointment.

Want to rehearse your “script” before your next appointment? Maya is standing by!


Why Use a Doctor’s Appointment Checklist?

Unfortunately, for people living with chronic (often undiagnosed) chronic conditions, a doctor’s appointment can be a loaded experience. Patients have been labeled hysterical, hypochondriacs, or dramatic as a result of doctor’s appointments gone sideways.

If you can practice and prepare yourself to lay out your case in within 10 minutes, you’ll be one step closer to more successful patient advocacy.

Purchase Includes: Fillable PDF download for repeated personal use


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