Printable Symptom Tracker: Data-Driven Healthcare


Grab your colour pencils – this printable symptom tracker is here to help improve patient advocacy during your next doctor’s appointment or ER visit. Customize months and weeks to collect visual data to advocate for yourself by showing your doctor what’s improved, worsened, or perhaps stayed the same.

Want to learn more about using analytics to track and observe your symptoms and trends? Maya is standing by!


Why use a printable symptom tracker?

Maya here: I’ve used hardcopy calendars as data visualizations to help observe patterns, visually show changes, and test introductions to my lifestyle (including medicine or supplements). A printed symptom tracker is one of my secret weapons for successfully advocating for my health. This version is an adaptation of a spreadsheet that I personally use.

Tips for Use

Download and fill this printable symptom tracker for use each month. Customize your desired months and weeks according to your calendar preferences and change what you’re tracking as you go.

  • Fill in month and assign days of week and week #s (i.e. if you track your cycle by 21/28 days)
  • Fill in your legend by using either colour coding or numerical values
    • Colour coding is useful to provide an at-a-glance view of intensity and works well with different colour palettes or shading intensities
    • Numerical values are useful if you want to tally up amounts to quantify changes
  • Fill in the things you’ll be tracking and testing and begin filling in your tracker daily
  • Monitor your month to analyze and observe and changes and correlations
  • Bring your tracker to your next consultation or ER visit to help illustrate any patterns or changes

Purchase includes: PDF download file for repeated personal use


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