Fillable & Printable Pre-Surgery Checklist


Gearing up for surgery? Download this road-tested fillable and printable checklist to help get you (and your loved ones) organized for your upcoming surgery. Shopping list, packing list and more.

This doc served as Maya’s endometriosis surgery checklist and sailed her through successful surgeries.


Why Use a Pre-Surgery Checklist?

Whether it’s your first or multiple surgery, a fillable and printable checklist is a helpful way to make sure you’re prepped and ready. From what to buy to what to pack, you’ll be waltzing into the OR with peace of mind.

Maya here: I used this for my endometriosis surgery checklist to get organized for both my laps and it saved me (and my loved ones) a lot of time and headache.

Always follow the guidelines and recommendations provided by your surgeon.

Purchase Includes: Fillable and printable PDF download for repeated personal use


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